Chairman’s Message

Münir ÖzkökChairman of the Board

A lifestyle full of finesse…
Başkanın Mesajı
For a life full of privileges…

In each project which we have developed since 2006, we aimed to bring together more people with the “G” concept and to pave the path to the privileges offered by “G”.

In this journey which we have set off with the goal to enable everyone to possess the house which they have dreamt of, with our high quality and innovative projects; our priority has always been way more than a house or a real estate, but to offer a life full of privileges.

We have become one of the leading real estate development companies in Turkey with our projects that gather those who reject standards and ordinariness and who live their lives as they desire, by offering the quality and luxury deserved by our country, city and people for an affordable price.

Rather than solely being a real estate company, we have become Turkey’s door opening to the world, by going beyond the borders of our country with our Cityscape, WAF, MIPIM Architectural Review awards, our project bearing the signature of Philippe Starck, a world-renowned designer and various international collaborations.

By contemplating the finest details in our projects from the design stage until delivery, we have hidden our enthusiasm and dreams into the depths of “G”. We have put our signature on exemplary projects, with our approach to create a world that encompasses unparalleled details and new inventions and where you will find luxury in details and our projects which keep up with the times. We are opening the doors of a privileged world with our projects which touch the silhouette of the city.

The most significant factors underlying our success are our high quality, environmental conscience, our passion for Mar Yapı and “G”, in addition to offering a different and privileged life.

We have left our mark on the industry, with our projects under the name of “G” concept, thanks to our very valuable collaborations with the famous designer Philippe Starck, whose successes are spoken by all and who has placed his signature on many cities; Divan, which is the leading brand in hospitality in Turkey, and the prestigious hotel chain Rotana.

Following G Plus, Divan Residence at G Plus, G Marin managed by Divan, G Yoo Inspired by Stark, G Rotana, and Divan Residence at G Tower; through the strategic collaboration which we have established with Wanda Group, one of the largest companies in China, we are now materializing the Wanda Vista Istanbul project, which would be the first overseas hotel of the luxury hotel chain. In addition, G Hub, our first mixed use project which is designed with the student lifestyle concept, and G Beyond, comprising of 10 special villas and 32 residences in Yalıkavak, Bodrum, will be the projects which we will materialize in 2019.

We are experiencing the indescribable pride of becoming a world brand with our desire to offer perfection, our awarded architecture, world famous designers and collaboration with the world’s leading brands and groups within a short period of time as 13 years, as well as the inexpressible happiness of bringing you together with these living spaces.